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Product name:MGR-3-ZK120-100

Product overview:

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Product introduction



MGR-3-ZK120-100 Huimu SS-relays

Type meaning

MGR - 3:[Three phase] - ZK:[Rectification] - 120:[Load voltage 24-480VAC] -100:[100A]

● Rated current: 100Amps
● Rated voltage: 24-480VAC
● Control voltage: 3-32VDC
● Control current: ≤10mA
● Reverse-parallel SCR as the output component can be used in commercial or heavy industrial applications with reliable performance
● "Ultra low" input current
● Low output off-state leakage current
● Low output on-state voltage drop
● Display output status via LED
● Standard output RC snubber circuit


● If the load current is 10A, a heat sink must be equipped; if the load current is 40A or more, an air-cooled radiator or a water-cooled radiator must be installed.

● When the load is an inductive load, be sure to connect a varistor in parallel with the output terminal, whose voltage value is 1.6-1.9 times the load voltage.

MGR-3-ZK120 Huimu diagram

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