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Product name:MGR-1DD48D-40

Product overview:

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Product introduction


DC Solid State relay


Type meaning

MGR - 1:[1-channel] - D: [Control voltage 3-32VDC] - D: [Direct current control] - 48 : [Operating voltage 48VDC] - D: [Direct current operate] - 40 : [40A]



· DC solid state relays is suitable for high current situation because of its easy parallel connection

· Rated current:  40Amps

· Rated voltage: 48VDC

· Low output off-leakage current

· Low impedance MOSFET output, minimizing total power

· With zero startup (resistive load) or randomstarting (inductive load or phase control)

· With LED lights indicating

· R-C contains the standard output buffer

· Transparent protective cover provides users with additional protection



· Load 10A, must install radiator; 40A or more, must install fan cooler or water cooler.

· When using inductive loads, be sure to parallel a varistor on  output, the value of varistor should be 1.6-1.9 times the load voltage.

MGR-1DD48D diagram

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