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PLC Digital I/O Module


PLC Digital I/O Modules are the collective name for PLC Digital Input Modules and PLC Digital Output Modules. They have excellent anti-interference and compatibility, and are used for signal interaction between PLC and sensors or actuators. According to the input and output signals, our PLC Digital I/O Modules are divided into IAC Series (AC signal input), IDC Series (DC signal input), OAC Series (AC signal output), and ODC Series (DC signal output). Each series uses a different striking color plastic case (yellow, white, black, red) for easy differentiation.

How to order

PLC Digital Module Type Meaning

OAC:[Basic series] -5:[Input or logic voltage] -H:[Other]
● Basic series:
  IAC=AC input module - Yellow housing
  IDC=DC input module - White housing
  OAC=AC output module - Black housing
  ODC=DC output module - Red housing
● Input or logic voltage:
  5=5VDC, 5=15VDC, 24=24VDC
● Other:
  E=IAC series — 18~36VAC/VDC input
  F=IDC series — 4~32VDC input & fast on & off time
  H=OAC series — 5A, 24~280VAC, zero-crossing voltage output
  R=OAC series — 5A, 12~280VAC, random conduction voltage output
  Empty place=
    IAC series —— 120VAC/VDC input (90~140VAC/VDC)
    IDC series —— 3.3~32VDC input**
    OAC series —— 3A, 24~280VAC, zero-crossing voltage input
    ODC series —— 3A, 3~60VDC input
  Empty place=
    IAC series —— 120VAC/VDC input (90~140VAC/VDC)**
    IDC series —— 10~60VDC input**
    OAC series —— 3A, 24~280VAC, zero-crossing voltage input
    ODC series —— 1A, 3~250VDC input


PLC Digital Module img

● Isolation voltage: 4000Vrms,60Hz
● Capacitance: 8PF typical (input to output)
● Operating temperature: -30℃~+80℃
● Storage temperature: -40℃~+85℃
● Approximate weight: 35g


● Industry standard package and pin
● Differentiate each module product series by color
● 4000Vrms optical isolation
● Excellent anti-interference ability
● Compatible with the same type product of other companies

Dimensions and Circuit Wiring Diagram


PLC Digital Module Dimensions

Circuit Wiring Diagram

PLC Digital Module Circuit Wiring Diagram


● Various commercial and industrial digital equipment that requires an digital I/O module, especially but not limited to Programmable Logic Controller system, compute control system, Numerical Control Machinery.

Precautions and FAQs

We recommend that customers carefully review the technical data in our manuals and select the product model based on your own product design parameters to ensure that our products meet your specific application.

All Regular Models We Offer

● IAC Series (AC Input)

  • IAC-5
  • IAC-5A
  • IAC-5E
  • IAC-15
  • IAC-24

● IDC Series (DC Input)

  • IDC-5
  • IDC-24

● OAC Series (AC Output)

  • OAC-5
  • OAC-5A
  • OAC-5H
  • OAC-15
  • OAC-24
  • OAC-24A

● ODC Series (DC Output)

  • ODC-5
  • ODC-5A
  • ODC-15
  • ODC-15A
  • ODC-24

*Customized models are available, be free to contact us.


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