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  • Differences between EMRs and SSRs

    The Relay is an electronic control unit that acts as an automatic Electric Switch. When the input value reaches the set value, the output value will produce a step change in the output circuit. Therefore, in practical applications, relays...

  • What is the Solid-State Relay (SSR)

    Solid State Relay (also known as SSR, SS Relay, SSR relay or SSR switch) is an integrated contactless electronic switch device that is compactly assembled from an integrated circuit (IC) and discrete components. Depending on the switching ch...

  • How to order SSR

    The PDF file below shows the full range of solid state relay series, module series and heat sink series produced by MGR, which can be viewed online or downloaded locally for convenient selection....

  • How to select the heat sink

    The cooling method of the solid state relay/module can be divided into Air Cooling method and Water Cooling method. And the air cooling heat sink can be farther divided into the Heat Sink (natural cooling) and Air Cooled Radiator (forced coo...

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